Text Box:     “Castle WishStar sits on a cloud hidden from view--it's the Star Fairies home where wishes come true! Under crystal towers, beyond soft pink doors, Star Fairies play, dance, and plan their wishful chores.  
      Sparkle rules over all, with her moveable throne set in place, while the other Star Fairies dance 'round the Maypole with style and grace. 
     Whisper's in the beauty bath behind the privacy screen, while Jazz snuggles into bed to sleep and dream. 

     There's lots to do in their home on the sky--perhaps you may go there by and by. Just make a wish and the Star Fairies will come from afar, to bring you with them to Castle WishStar!”

                                                                                                                         (c) Tonka Corp. 1985, All Rights Reserved

      Star Fairies “Castle WishStar” was made in mid-1980's by Tonka Toys. It was a play center which could be closed and opened to reveal an interior where little girls could play with their fairy dolls and let their imaginations soar!

      The exterior of the castle had a white cloud base, twin towers with a clear lilac tint top and a waving flags. There were jewel shaped windows for the fairies to peek outside. The white stairway lead up to two pink double doors. The interior sported a cloud bed chamber complete with cloud blanket and fluffy pillow, a cloud bathtub with a privacy screen, a moveable throne for the Princess, a balcony and a display rack to hang all their star fashions and wings. The Castle also came with a spinning Maypole for the Star Fairies to dance around.


                                             The Castle WishStar play center box had the number 7707. It retailed for about  $24.99

Text Box:     “On moonlit nights, when the air is filled with magic and the sky sprinkled with stars, that's the time when Star Fairies are born. They come to you from falling stars. And can take you to a world where wishes come true. 

     Star Fairies live in an enchanted kingdom in the clouds, the land of WishComeTrue, where every day is special. For every occasion, Star Fairies have fantasy fashions: pretty dresses for parties; evening gowns for ballroom dances; a Star Shower Rain Cape for walking in the clouds; and when it's time to say good night, the Pink Clouds Nightgown is for sleepy Star Fairies to dream in.”

                                                                                                                                          (c) Tonka Corp. 1985, All Rights Reserved

      Star Fairies “Clothing Fashions” were made in mid-1980's by Tonka Toys. There were SIX available fashions for the Star Fairies dolls to wear. The outfits also came with color coordinating embossed fabric wings too. It’s possible that each of the outfits may have had different colored wings, as pictures shown on package do not seem to match actual product samples, that I have in my collection in some of the examples (see pictures below).



          The Clothing Fashions package number was 7702. They retailed for between $1.99 to $2.99 each

Clothing Fashions:Castle WishStar:

  The original box for the Castle WishStar play center is shown at the left. The item # 7707 was imprinted on the lower corner of the box. Other pictures of the box include the back side with the story and  a top view.  

Disclaimer:  All pictures shown were taken from my private collection of “Star Fairies”. The stories provided with descriptions are from the actual original packages and are displayed here for those who have never had the opportunity to see these toys and read the lovely stories. Information provided is  intended to be a guide for those who are searching for historical information on the “Star Fairies” series made by Tonka Toys. If you are looking for current market values for any of  these items, check E-bay. Like all other toys, since these items are no longer manufactured the going rate may be whatever the current seller is willing to sell these toys for, and likewise whatever a current buyer is willing to spend.

Clothing had the item # 7702 imprinted on the lower corner of the package.

    Pictures of Castle WishStar, show the front, interior (opened) and the back side (closed).

   Pictures of the accessories that came with the castle are also shown; throne & base for throne, spinning Maypole, white cloud blanket and fluffy pillow.

   As shown; the spinning Maypole was capable of holding three of the Star Fairies. Interior picture shows the Star Fairies on the stairs (Nightsong),  throne (Sparkle), in the hidden cloud sleeping chamber (Jazz) and the cloud bathtub (Spice).


Picture (s)




Moonlight Lilac Ball Gown

Beautiful lilac and gold lame’ gown with long golden sleeves and matching purple wings.


Pink Clouds Night Gown

Lovely long pink sleeveless gown with long sleeved sheer pink robe and  matching dark & light pink wings.


Golden Glow Evening Gown

Long yellow gown w. sheer top, and matching yellow and magenta wings.


Star Shower Rain Cape & Pants

White poncho cape with hood (lined in gold lame’) and pants, matching blue and white wings.


Emerald Sky Dancin’ Dress

Short teal blue, silver & white dress with silver shorts and  matching teal blue and pale blue wings.


Red Twilight Party Dress

Short light red dress & silver dress with silver shorts and  matching red and white wings.




Castle WishStar

There was some minor assembly for the castle. The castle came with self-sticking decals that had to be placed in various spots on the castle for its finishing touches. It came with a oval white cloud pillow and shiny  white cloud blanket for sleeping fairies. A Pink throne for the princess, also a spinning Maypole complete with purple ribbons (see extra pictures below).

18 1/2” high (to tallest flag), 18” long (closed), 11” wide (at bottom). Fully open 21” wide.

Star Coach

The Star Coach is pale pink exterior w/ lavender interior. It has lavender wheels and silver highlights. Inside of some coaches may have a # stamped on them. Special ledge on rear allows the feet of a doll to be inserted so that it can stand on back.

Coach not sold separately, was sold as a set with “Lavender the Magical Unicorn”

7 1/2" high, 13 1/2" long about 6" at widest (wheel span) width.

Wish Keeper Jewel Box

This was a pink box which opened up and had a chair for the Star Fairies doll to sit and look in the vanity mirror. It had a drawer where accessories could be kept & small closet to hang wings & clothing. Chair in center for doll to sit (or remove chair and doll can stand. Battery operated music box plays “Wish upon a Star” Item # 7706

Closed box measures 6 1/4” high by 7 1/2” wide and 6 1/4” deep.

OPEN– measures 12 1/2” tall (to open lid) and 18 1/2” wide (both ends expanded open).