Examples shown on this page are of non-original DAM trolls (OOAK’s) that have been altered.  There is a divided view among collectors about altering some of these collectable trolls especially some of the older vintage ones. Still I can’t help but admire some of the unusual versions that have surfaced from these inspired collectors. Sometimes the alteration is just slight like new eyes or hair added that were not  factory installed or original to the troll when it was sold. Does this de-value the troll when alterations are made? This question is still debated among collectors. The troll is no longer original (this is TRUE), and perhaps its appearance has been drastically changed or altered from the original version produced by the factory.

     “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder . . . “   each collector must decide for their self at some point if they want to have only “original” specimens in their collection or if they are open to having pieces that have been altered. It therefore becomes a personal choice that only YOU can answer . . .

      There will always be collectors and artists out there, who will cater to your desires  and dreams of making a custom One-Of-A-Kind troll that is more personal and dear to your heart and soul that another collector doesn’t have. Some folks (myself included) like having something unique & special that no one else has . . . Hence—- OOAK’s  . . .





This artist decided to paint these DAM trolls to look like the KISS Band members:

But let us go even further to those not afraid to REALLY step outside the box into territory most would not go. The real ARTISTS who are capable of envisioning the trolls body as a canvas. Artists like Judi Paul have gone even further to create their own unique brand of painted trolls. Judi has over 18 years of talents in making realistic soft sculpted animals (Luxembears) this allows her to see the troll’s body as a 3D canvas . . . she boldly goes where none have dared to venture before.  Judi uses her extensive art background to re-sculpt and recreate the troll on a whole new fantasy level.  Showcased at the top of this page are her fun loving “DOG inspired troll” which was based on the photo of the border collie shown besides it. After seeing her work I knew it was TIME to add an OOAK-Artist Troll page to my website .  .   .  her work and attention to detail are absolutely astounding . . . .  I can almost imagine her painted trolls have SPECIAL magical “shape-shifting” abilities & she has captured them right BEFORE their full transformation . . . so beware, that critter you see in the wild or a pet- may just be a magical  "shape-shifter" TROLL in disguise. So be NICE to ALL critters great & small and the TROLL might reward you for your kindness .  . .

     A few collectors like “Trolls by Ted”  or Timm Z. have experimented with changing the skin tones as well as dying unique hair colors. Check out the DAMS that have had their bodies dyed.  The vintage large tailed troll shown below was a custom request that was dyed by Timm Z, The lovely chocolate girl  & grandma shown below  were dyed by Ted, if you’re interested in seeing more of Ted’s trolls he  occasionally lists his trolls on e-bay (TrollsByTed), or you can contact him directly via e-mail (TedNoah1@aol.com)  to inquire about any OOAK trolls he may have for re-sale. Sometimes bodies are dyed to cover up stains that cannot be removed.


     Some folks go even further . . . . I have to admire these Trolls  . . . the “punker” troll with his unique Mohawk hair style, imitation leather outfit, camo pants and  body piercings definitely speak of a culture that is used to expressing itself. Or  even the “centaur” troll made with the lower body of a vintage DAM horse troll whose body suffered from a dog who thought it was a chew toy, you can still see chew marks (or scars) on parts of the lower horse body and combined with upper half of a vintage “tiny ones” DAM troll  .  .  .  Another troll collector Martin Calderwood enjoys “visual” stories check out his tortoise troll a true reptrollia . . .





OOAK– Troll makeovers by reknown artist– Judi Paul —-creator of “Luxembears

I have never seen anything like Judi’s work. She is a TRUE artist. Her airbrushing and attention to small details is flawless. On this “Dragon Troll” she even sculpted added pieces like the tail, teeth and forehead ridges that transform this into a unique piece any collector would be proud to own and display. Her painted eyes are another trademark that distinguishes her work.

This page was last updated; 1 July 2018

Two wonderful articles were written on Judi’s made-over Customized TROLLS. Both published July 16, 2018. One article in www.DollsMagazine.com & the other in www.TeddyBearAndFriends.com., click on the images below (or web addresses below the images) to view the full articles & photos of her work;