Text Box:     “On moonlight nights, when the air is filled with magic and the sky sprinkled with stars, that's the time when Star FairiesTM   are born. They come to you from falling stars. And can take you to a world where wishes come true.
    No two Star Fairies are alike, because each has her own special magical power.

   Star Fairies live in an enchanted kingdom in the clouds, the land of WishComeTrue. It's here that Sparkle, the Princess of the Star Fairies, gathers all her friends to decide which Star Fairy has just the right magic to help a little girl's wish come true.

   And if you believe, with all your heart, in the magic of the Star Fairies, then your wishes can come true, too.”
                                                                                                             (c) Tonka Corp. 1985, All Rights Reserved
Text Box: Once upon a time in the magic land of WishComeTrue, the Star Fairies secretly started planning a royal surprise party for Sparkle, their Princess. The Star Fairies designed a beautiful gown made of tinsel, glitter, and star dust, and a flowing cape made from purple sunsets and wintery white snowflakes. And most important of all, the Star Fairies used their magic to design special wings that changed to bright rainbow colors when viewed through a fairy wand. When the special presents were completed, the Star Fairies gave their surprised Princess the beautiful gifts. Now everyone is invited to Royal Princess Sparkle's party. If you truly believe in magic, you can go too. And the Star Fairies are sure to help make your wishes come true!

      A special edition “Royal Princess Sparkle” doll was also issued. But this version came with a very elaborate white and purple outfit. She had holographic wings encased in plastic,  when viewed thru the special wand that was provided with the doll one could see the stunning rainbow colors in the wings! She came with the standard white posing stand, purple hair brush,  royal silver princess crown, a special child-sized hand wand and holographic wings.


                The Royal Princess Sparkle box had the number 7701. This special version retailed for around $7.99 to $8.99

Royal Princess Sparkle:Star Fairies Dolls:

Fairy Name

Magical Description

Eye Color

Hair Color/Style

Outfit & Other Details

Wing Colors


Sparkle is the fairy Princess, she reigns over her other fairy helpers


long flipped blonde

pale pink gown and silver star crown

pale pink & lilac


Nightsong is the dream fairy, and she makes your sweet dreams come true


straight dk. Brown w/ bangs

pale blue and white short dress. Lovely brown flesh tone

blue & white


Jazz is the talent fairy, she gives you the flair to create beautiful things


straight blonde hair w/ bangs

interesting wine and pink outfit w/ harem-like sheer pants

dark pink & light pink


Spice is the energy fairy, she helps you get things done


long flipped dk. Red

golden yellow short dress

orange & dark yellow

True Love

True Love is the love fairy, she helps you look deep inside others to see their goodness


long flipped platinum blonde

white short dress

magenta & pale blue


Whisper is the secret fairy, she makes your most secret wishes come true


long flipped dk. Brown hair

lavender gown

lavender & pink

    A bedroom corner wall, fantasy display featuring a “Star Fairies” living mobile. Fairies were hung from ceiling via thread looped to the backs where wings snapped into body. Heavier items like “Lavender & Star Coach” were hung with a heavy duty carpet thread.

    Display also had hanging golden stars and iridescent glass bubbles (globes). “Castle WishStar”  was surrounded with “Animal Friends” sea-shells and pretty rocks.

Disclaimer:  All pictures shown were taken from my private collection of “Star Fairies”. The stories provided with descriptions are from the actual original packages and are displayed here for those who have never had the opportunity to see these toys and read the lovely stories. Information provided is  intended to be a guide for those who are searching for historical information on the “Star Fairies” series made by Tonka Toys. If you are looking for current market values for any of  these items, check E-bay. Like all other toys, since these items are no longer manufactured the going rate may be whatever the current seller is willing to sell these toys for, and likewise whatever a current buyer is willing to spend.