It is true, that in the 1960’s DAM had a factory in Tauranga, New Zealand. Trolls from this factory are very rare and hard to find. Many of these trolls are probably still in New Zealand. I don’t have a lot of history on the original factory most of what I know has come to me by folks who live in that area. I have been told the DAM trolls were made during the 1960’s under license to K. Pasgaard. The factory was not in business very long. They made both standard DAM trolls and DAM animal trolls at this factory.


 New Zealand made DAM animal trolls;

New Zealand ELEPHANTS- came in very unusual vinyl colors. One collector that I know of has a light peach, a faded blue as well as a pink elephant, another collector has a very unusual white elephant. These New Zealand elephants have dark toes and are marked with the Thomas DAM  stamp on their foot. They also have a cut out “coin” slot in the middle of their back. They have short thick wool hair and dark colored amber glass eyes. The unusual vinyl colors are rare and very hard to find, depending on condition, you can expect to pay anywhere from $600 and higher for them.

New Zealand COWS- are not marked. They came in both light and darker vinyl colors. They sometimes had a darker air-brushed stripe down the backbone or front chest (see photos below). Muzzles were air brushed either white or a darker color. Like the NZ elephants they have a cut out “coin” slot in the middle of their back. They have short thick wool hair and dark colored amber glass eyes. You can expect to pay more for these NZ cows than those made in other places. Starting prices on these NZ cows depending on condition, can be anywhere from $200 and up

New Zealand GIRAFFES—are marked Thomas DAM on its foot. The giraffe however, has NO bank slot in it. Hair is longer on the giraffe. Starting prices on these NZ giraffes depending on condition, can be anywhere from $275 and up.

      All New Zealand trolls have real wool hair and glass eyes.  Some have hard bodies & some have soft/squishy bodies. Animal trolls from New Zealand are very hard to find and you can expect to pay a higher price for them.


      If you own a New Zealand DAM lion troll from the 1960’s and would like to share pictures of your troll with other collectors on this web page or if you have different colored NZ elephant trolls, then please contact me via e-mail. Also if anyone has more background history or photos of the New Zealand factory then I would love to hear from you.


New Zealand COW trolls, light and dark colored vinyl versions. Bank slot located on the back. (photos posted with permission from current owners)

      The regular DAM troll boy and girl trolls are stamped on their foot with the NZ mark (see photo at left). They are also stamped on their back– Thomas DAM in a circle. Photos shown are of two 5.5 inch New Zealand trolls in their original felt outfits. Notice that BOTH sexes have big ears (same mold was probably used). They are made of a more squishy vinyl. The clothing on the boy is unique to the New Zealand DAM troll, also notice that “buttons” are used on the outfit of the girl instead of the rivits/snaps used on the trolls that were made elsewhere.

        Any of the DAM trolls from New Zealand are very hard to find and depending on condition & if they have their original clothing, you can expect to pay anywhere from $ 75 and up for them.


Unusual “pink” elephant bank made in New Zealand. Notice the black toe nails and dark amber colored glass eyes. Marked DAM Made in Denmark on bottom foot. Please note that this is NOT a pink painted over another color vinyl. (photo posted with permission from current owner)

      Occasionally I will see colored DAM elephant trolls that have been “painted” over. I am suspicious of these because all the grey elephants I have seen are made of a solid grey vinyl (not painted over). I have spoken with someone who worked in the DAM factory and I’ve asked if .the DAM company ever sold trolls made with a light vinyl that were painted over with another color. To the best of his knowledge this was never done.

      I do not think these were “factory” produced versions. I believe that either the original owner or possibly someone else re-painted the lighter vinyl trolls AFTER they left the factory and were sold. An example is shown at the right of such an elephant, you can see the original vinyl color showing through. The paint is shiny this is suspicious, since most air brushing done on the DAM trolls is matte.

      If you purchase one of these please keep in mind that it may not be a factory original version. As any colored DAM elephants I have seen have had a solid vinyl coloring, not painted over.

Painted DAM Elephants ??

  Example of a light colored vinyl DAM elephant that was painted over, notice the rub marks where the light vinyl shows