Text Box:     “In an earthly forest under the safety of Star Fairies magic, live the Star Fairies Animal Friends: Jitter, the shy baby rabbit, Dipper the playful little kitten and Lady the elegant young swan. 
    They appear as only playful little animals but look closely! They're magical! You can tell by the stars in their eyes. Given special powers, Jitter, Dipper, and Lady take the Star Fairies for rides and help them with all their wishful tasks. 
   If you believe in magic, as the Animal Friends do, then maybe one day the Star Fairies will visit you. For just awhile, you'll see stars in your eyes, and later find the Star Fairies helped make your wishes come true!”
                                                                                                                      (c) Tonka Corp. 1985, All Rights Reserved

      Star Fairies “ANIMAL Friends” were made in mid-1980's by Tonka Toys. There were THREE animals that were a part of this series. They were especially designed so that the Star Fairies could easily sit on them. Made of a squishy PVC with a flocking. The eyes have "stars" on them and the bottoms are stamped TONKA Corp. 1985.


                                     All Animal Friend  boxes had the number 7703. They retailed for between $6.68 to $7.99

Text Box:     “On moonlit nights, when the air is filled with magic and the sky sprinkled with stars, that's the time when Star Fairies are born. They come to you from falling stars. And can take you to a world where wishes come true. 

    Lavender, the Star Fairies magical unicorn; spreads her wings across the sky, happily taking the Star Fairies to their enchanted kingdom in the clouds, the Land of WishComeTrue. 

    As legend tells, unicorns bring good luck, and if you truly believe, as the Star Fairies do, magical Lavender will send good fortune your way too.”
                                                                                                                         (c) Tonka Corp. 1985, All Rights Reserved

      Star Fairies “Lavender” the magical unicorn was made in mid-1980's by Tonka Toys. There were two versions; Lavender sold by herself and Lavender sold with the “Star Coach”. Nicely sculpted features, this lovely lavender colored unicorn/pegasus has silky white hair mane/tail and pearl horn.

      Like the Star Fairies she has clip-on pale pink and lavender wings which attach to a bar located on her sides. Underneath the bar is a small protrusion so that the “Star Coach” could also be attached for her to whisk the fairies away to the Land of WishComeTrue up in the clouds and Castle WishStar. Lavender also came with her own hair brush. Sadly however, there are no markings on the hard plastic body of this horse. It is curious that I have seen a number imprinted on the inside of some of the coaches but the number doesn’t appear on all units.


                                     Lavender sold by herself had the number 7704 on her box. She retailed for around $ 8.99


                             Lavender with the Star Coach  had the number 7705 on the box. This set retailed for around $ 14.97

Lavender the Magical Unicorn:Animal Friends:



Eye Color



lavender colored body with white hair mane & tail.


7 1/4" high, 9 1/2" length (to horn tip) about 2 1/2" wide (at widest part of body). Wing span is 11 1/2" (from tip-to-tip).

Lavender with Star Coach

The Star Coach is pale pink exterior w/ lavender interior. Lavender wheels and silver highlights. Special ledge on rear allows the feet of a doll to be inserted so that it can stand on back.

7 1/2" high, 13 1/2" long about 6" at widest (wheel span) width.

The original box had an illustration of Lavender with the Star Coach, the back of the box featured her story as well as a photo showing Lavender with two of the Star Fairies (Sparkle & True Love). The top of the box also had a picture as well as summary of the contents and features of the Star Coach. The Star Coach had a special ledge on the back so that a doll could stand behind the coach (her feet slipped between the two ledges as shown in photos above). The item # 7705 was imprinted in the corner of the box on all sides.



Eye Color



beige color w/ beige flocking. Stamped on bottom # 807652

orangey brown

5 1/2" high,

6 1/2" length,

3 1/2" wide


grey color w/ grey flocking. Stamped on bottom # 807654


4 1/2" high,

6 1/2" length,

3 1/2" wide


light grey w/ light flocking. Stamped on bottom # 807656


6" high,       

8 1/2" length,  

4" wide

Disclaimer:  All pictures shown were taken from my private collection of “Star Fairies”. The stories provided with descriptions are from the actual original packages and are displayed here for those who have never had the opportunity to see these toys and read the lovely stories. Information provided is  intended to be a guide for those who are searching for historical information on the “Star Fairies” series made by Tonka Toys. If you are looking for current market values for any of  these items, check E-bay. Like all other toys, since these items are no longer manufactured the going rate may be whatever the current seller is willing to sell these toys for, and likewise whatever a current buyer is willing to spend.